Donate Your Body to Science and
Live On

Help Save the Lives of the Future Generation Through Medical Research & Education

"Death is a tragedy...but only for the living. We who have died go on to other things." —Charles de Lint, Into the Green

Why Should I Donate?

At Life Science Anatomical, we carefully match your donation to the needs of the best medical research and educational facilities. This commitment has made us the whole body donation program of choice for the leading research and teaching institutions in the nation.

Making a whole body donation for medical research and education is one of the most compassionate funeral alternatives available. Donating your body will not interfere with your desire for a cremation. In fact, it eliminates funeral expenses while making a better life for others with a treatable illness or condition.

Life Science Anatomical
Life Science Anatomical

How Do I Donate?

Donation is simple—you can get started by requesting an information packet including all the necessary forms. A donation counselor at Life Science Anatomical will answer any questions you may have.

Donating your body to science is much like preplanning a traditional funeral. After meeting our donation criteria, you will be sent a letter of acceptance and donor ID cards.

Once you decide to move forward with the donation process, your forms remain in our files—making the process easy on your loved ones. We will be notified when death occurs and will manage the whole process.

Body Donation Process

If you have made your wishes known and preregistered, then nothing else is necessary. When the death occurs, a local funeral home transfers the donor to our facility. The donor is tested for infectious disease. If results are negative, tissues are then matched with researchers and educational facilities. After the procurement is completed, the remains are cremated at a licensed crematory and are returned to the family, if they choose, at NO COST.

  • Death is confirmed.

  • Life Science Anatomical is notified of the death.

  • Transportation is arranged.

  • Blood is tested and tissue is matched.

  • Medical Educators

  • Final Step: Remains are cremated and returned to the family at NO COST.

Live On

Donating your body to research and education lets your body live on by allowing doctors and medical students to create new lifesaving surgical procedures. Whole body donations enable research and education in orthopedic and neurosurgery that often leads to new surgical techniques.

Cremation is becoming a common alternative to a traditional funeral. We provide a no cost cremation to those who make a whole body donation to science. If cremation is a good choice for you, please consider donating your body to science.

Call for More Information

We have trained Life Science Anatomical staff ready to discuss your whole body donation options. Give us a call at (702) 558-0198 for more information.